About me

Hello there. Thanks for visiting my blog.

As you read you may notice that although I’m from the US there are some British words peppered throughout the blog. That’s because my husband is English and no matter how hard I fight it, sometimes I use the word “trouser” instead of “pant” and “lift” instead of “elevator.” He may have won those battles but I refuse to pronounce “garage” so that it rhymes with “carriage.” It sounds silly.

But let’s start from the beginning. I’m from Ohio where I spent most of my childhood swimming, listening to Bollywood music and watching I Love Lucy re-runs. I spent my teen years drifting between the medieval and Elizabethan eras of English literature, only to marry a Britisher and move to London.

Living in London was a dream. I got my masters in journalism in a city that, as far as I’m concerned, founded the fourth estate. I lived around the corner from Sir Ian McKellen who I saw in a fabulous stage performance of Waiting for Godot alongside Sir Patrick Stewart. I ate at the best of Brick Lane’s Indian and Pakistani restaurants and my running route took me along the River Thames with a view of the London Eye.

And right when the cracks of the National Health Service started to give me nightmares my husband whisked me away to Oslo. It’s been a whirlwind and I’ve only just realized how far north Norway is. If you have one of those old-fashioned globes, stand over it and look straight down and you’ll see where I am.

Despite the multicultural influences – and my ambivalence toward American football – I’m a Yankee to the core. That’s what this blog is about: An American accustomed to shopping on a Sunday trying to settle into a more unmaterialistic lifestyle in Norway. Less shopping, more nature. More taxes, no insurance bills. Fewer choices in the cookie aisle at the grocery store, but more time with my family.

When I’m not blogging about the marvels and vexations of expat life, I work as a reporter.

I hope you enjoy reading about my Scandinavian adventures!

21 thoughts on “About me

  1. I found your blog because you were mentioned in the Daily Post’s “blogs who have a good blog roll”. huh … never looked at the blog roll but sure liked reading a couple of your posts! I fell in love with Norway during the Olympics years ago and have always wanted to visit. Now I’ll visit vicariously through you! Thanks

  2. I enjoyed reading of your life in Oslo. I first visited Norway in 1962 and have been going back and forth ever since! Summer 1962 I worked in Geilo, (long before “gap years” were the norm). I went back for 3 months in the winter. !964-65 I spent in Geilo again. !966 I worked on the Bergensfiord for 6 months. 1967 I worked at Ulleval Hospital for 6 months and since then have just been on holiday. The last visit we made was on a cruise to the North Cape in 2011, so I am feeling deprived 🙂

  3. Hei! Hei! Love your blog! I’m friends with your brother and his wife in IL. I used date a Norwegian man for several years, and lived in Oslo (Grunerlokka) for awhile, and even took Norwegian language classes at the University of Oslo. Your blog takes me back to some of my fondest days in Norway, with all its quirks and kinks. I’m originally from MN, which also has a large Scandinavian population, but I’m at a loss for ‘lefse med blaaber syltetoy’ in the suburbs of Chicago. LOL! Thanks for writing so vividly about a land that I truly love. Ha det bra!!

    • Hi! I’m so sorry for the late reply. Very nice to hear from someone who knows Oslo, I was just in Grunerlokka last night! It’s a great area. Thanks so much for your compliments, it means a lot to hear that some of the posts resonate with you.

  4. This is amazing! Saema Kaukab was telling me I should check your blog out. We should compare notes – you’re an American journalist who moved to the northern edge of the world, while I’m an American journalist who moved to the southern edge of the world (South Africa)!

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