Pop Quiz!

1. What are Nordic pirates called?

2. Two truths, one lie:

  • According to Norwegian legend, Santa Claus comes in late November by steamboat from Russia
  • Before Santa Claus came into the picture, Scandinavians told their children that a goat was in charge of delivering presents
  • Danish children believe that Santa lives in Greenland, not the North Pole

3. What popular construction toy originated from Denmark?

4. Which of these is originally a Swedish book:

  • The Headhunters
  • The Secret of Ella and Micha
  • The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo

5. How old was Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad when he started the Swedish company?

6. Does Norway have a monarchy?

7. The word ski in Norwegian means:

  • piece of wood
  • snow travel
  • downhill

8. Edvard Munch, who created the iconic Scream painting, is from which Scandinavian country?

9. Which of these is the Swedish actress who starred in Casablanca alongside Humphrey Bogart?

  • Rita Hayworth
  • Ingrid Bergman
  • Ingmar Bergman

Click here for the answers.


10 thoughts on “Pop Quiz!

  1. I’m following you from Portugal… It’s very refreshing to receive an email by each of your posts… Thank you for your feelings, ideas and comments… they are always interesting and lightly informative… Happy New Year to you and family…


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