Available at your local Norwegian grocery store

Ground pork liver and lard in a tin can and a cute kid as a mascot. Need I say more?

A miscellaneous fish product that was “inspired by” lobster meat.

This one is a trick: it’s not polar bear meat but a company that sells other types of meat. A logo featuring the cuddly and endangered polar bear is probably not the most appetizing idea.

Apparently romanesco broccoli is similar to cauliflower, although it’s such a pretty vegetable that I’ve been tempted to use it as a hostess gift in place of flowers when friends invite us over.

Bacon cheese! I guess America has some competition in the processed cheese department.


15 thoughts on “Available at your local Norwegian grocery store

  1. NorwayIt’s only 17% fat? Way healthier than a slim Jim/cheese stick pack.and that is some very pretty broccoli! I think the Japanese still win the Wierdest Processed Food Ever award, though.

      • The real question is, who puts bacon in the strangest things? Here there’s bacon mayo (Baconaise), and I had a Canadian once share a bacon-bit chocolate bar with me. I also saw a bacon pineapple cake served at a potluck dessert contest. At least putting it with cheese makes some sense!

  2. ugh i hate norwegian food. i really do. but they have good fish (they just dont prepare it with any flavor).

    im not too happy about seeing that polar bear by the meat! LOL. it reminds me of when gerber went into the african market (ok…im a marketing undergrad major) with the babyfood jars with baby heads on them. the africans refused to buy them because they thought it was mushed up baby inside hahahha. thank goodness that it really is just oskekjøtt 😉 😉

    instead of be negative, i thought id list 5 norwegian foods i genuinely enjoy: pinnekjøtt, freia melkesjokolade, raspeballer (this actually shocks most people because most find it repulsive), norwegian berries (all types), and villa brus.

    happy weekend!

  3. “LobNobs med hummersmak” sounds like something a New Englander would say! I think I’m going to start saying that things are “hummersmak” and not look up what it means. It sounds so wonderful!

  4. Random point, but I never understood why polar bears were used to sell Coke either! I’ve seen similar processed cheese in Iceland, and we also have it in England. I hate to say it but we also have “seafood sticks” which are inspired by crab, but are not crab.

  5. Hi there, I came over from Megan’s blog. I am from Norway (though living in Spain) but it’s so interesting to read blogs of foreigners living in Norway. I like what I’ve read so far, and now I’ll keep on reading!

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