Let’s take a walk

Ready for a tour of my neighborhood? Photography isn’t my trade so I just used my iPhone so that you can a glimpse of the scenes and colors that are part of my everyday life.

I live in Majorstua which is in central Oslo, just north of the seaside. My street is off of one of the bigger shopping lanes in the city called Bogstadveien. The residential parts of main Oslo have apartments in various shades of yellow, blue and sometimes even pink.

Oslo has a wonderful above-ground tram called the Trikk. Here we are at the nearest stop to my flat.Norwegians don’t let the cold scare them off, United Bakeries always has blankets at the ready for anyone who wants to people watch on Bogstadveien.The number 19 Trikk whizzing by.One of the first words I learned in Norwegian was tilbud, which means sale.Our very own cheese shop. Norwegians take cheese selection very seriously.These are plain Cheerios. I know because I bought this “havre” one several times thinking they were the honey. Havre = blegh.Can you work out the cost of a tomato? Deciphering currency is a daily challenge.Kaffebrenneriet’s daily offer. The chain is Norway’s solution to Starbucks – there’s only one of those in the whole country but fortunately Kaffebrenneriet is on nearly every street corner.Two bakeries within a stone’s throw of my flat! Heaven.


13 thoughts on “Let’s take a walk

  1. Picturesque, quaint and inviting! Would your neighbourhood be considered suburbia? My kind of suburb then; especially with those bakeries 🙂 Miss you guys!

    • Hi there! It’s not suburbia, we’re actually right in the center of the city. It’s much smaller than London so its manageable with a kid and all. Miss you guys too! I had no idea that this was your blog, the “about” section is pretty vague, but I’m glad I know who is “liking” my posts!

  2. I just found you via FreshlyPressed and love to see my old neighborhood! My (Norwegian) husband and I lived on Sorgenfrigata – I recognize the exact area in your photos! I practically moved into Baker Hansen for their “kanelbolle” when I was pregnant with my little one last year, and I was definitely one of the barnevognmafia at United Bakeries not too long ago! We’ve moved to Gran Canaria with our son just a year ago, but I still consider Oslo as “home” and love to visit!

    • I live a few streets further down from what is in the photos but what a coincidence! United Bakeries is a personal favorite. I hope things are going well for you in Gran Canaria. Thanks for stopping by!

    • I’ve been lucky that whenever I head out to take pictures the weather has been great, but the clocks have gone back – darkness is about to descend…. it’s still a beautiful place though!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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